Live Demo of Relativity and X1 Integration Creates Significant Buzz

Last week we hosted a webinar with Relativity and D4, which highlighted the very compelling integration of our X1 Data Insight and Collection solution with the Relativity platform, including RelativityOne.  This integration is important as it provides game-changing efficiencies in the eDiscovery process by accelerating speed to review, and enabling more intelligent decision making.

The webinar featured live demonstration showing X1 quickly collecting data across multiple custodians and seamlessly importing that data into RelativityOne in less than two minutes.

This tweet from D4 is representative of the public and private reactions we received:

D4 Tweet July 18 v3

With the ability to search and collect emails and documents across up to thousands of endpoints and network sources with industry-leading speed, X1 Insight and Collection revolutionizes enterprise eDiscovery. For example, X1 empowers legal and consulting teams to iterate their search parameters in real time before collection, providing a revolutionary true pre-collection early case assessment capability. Additionally, with its intelligent collection capability, X1 performs instantaneous data processing (culling, de-duplication, text and metadata extraction, etc) in a fully automated manner.

Webinar speaker and D4 Director Chad Jones reported on his blog post that “In a matter of a few minutes X1 collected, processed, uploaded and published data from 5 custodians into a Relativity One (Relativity’s cloud offering) workspace. This functionality, built into a collection tool, has a chance to revolutionize the current eDiscovery process by collapsing the many hand-offs built into the current EDRM into a few short steps managed by one or two people.”

Barry O’Melia, a senior product manager at Relativity, advised the webinar attendees that “when we were planning the webinar I said that I wanted us to do a live demo into an empty Relativity workspace, as it is unbelievable without seeing it with your own eyes.”

The X1 and Relativity integration addresses several pain points in the existing eDiscovery process. For one there, is currently an inability to quickly search across all unstructured data, meaning eDiscovery teams have to spend weeks or even months to collect data as required by other cumbersome solutions. Additionally, using ESI processing methods that involve appliances that are not integrated with the collection will significantly increase cost and time delays.

So in terms of the big picture, with this integration providing a complete platform for efficient data search, eDiscovery and review across the enterprise, organizations are going to save a lot of time, save a lot of money, and be able to make faster and better decisions. When you accelerate the speed to review and eliminate over collection, you are going to have much better early insight into your data and increase efficiencies on many levels.

View the on-demand webinar see first hand the capabilities of X1 and Relativity by clicking here.

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